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The basic products marketed by our company are part of the range of inorganic products, synthetic organic products, macromolecular products and chlorinated organic solvents:

• Caustic soda (solid, liquid, flakes)
• Synthetic hydrochloric acid 32-33%
• Oxygenated water 35%
• Technical and pharmaceutical propylene glycol
• Sodium hypochlorite min. 12.5%
• Sodium hypochlorite biocide
• Phosphoric acid 85% food grade
• 80% acetic acid
• Lightly calcined soda
• Ferric chloride solution 40%
• Technical and food calcium chloride
• Citric acid
• Sulfuric acid concentrate 97-98%
• Nitric acid
• Ferrous and ferrous sulphate 40%
• Trisodium phosphate
• Sodium sulphate
• Calcium sulphate for food use
• Sodium metabisulfite
• Ascorbic acid
• Laboratory reagents, etc.

Our warehouse in Ramnicu Valcea ensures, thanks to the existing stocks – about 100 products – a fast and efficient way to cover the needs that can intervene.

In this regard, our company owns authorized means of transport (A.D.R.) for any of the commercialized chemicals:

  • stainless steel tank vehicles.
  • rubber tank vehicles inside.
  • trucks equipped A.D.R., for quantities over 7.5 tons.
  • vehicles equipped A.D.R., for quantities up to 3.5 tons.

Also, in order to support our customers, we operate on the territory of Romania with 300 container tanks x 1000 liters for operations (storage), transport, exchange or transfer.

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